My Top Five Favorite Television Shows

1. Doctor Who- I just started watching Doctor Who this past year, so I really love the Eleventh Doctor especially. This show is so engaging!
2. Sherlock- I really like the books, and this modern take on the mysteries is very relatable, while including suspenseful story lines.
3. Craft Wars- This show is sort of silly, but I really like craft and do it yourself projects, so watching these extreme projects be built appeals to me.
4. History Detectives- In this show they find people with artifacts from history that may be real and find out if they are or not. I really enjoy learning about history in a creative way!
5. The Middle- This comedy show is completely hilarious and one of the most realistic sitcoms I have ever seen.

8 responses

  1. My top five of all time are: Mary Tyler Moore Show, I Love Lucy, Seinfield, Mad Men and Six Feet Under. My current favorites, though, are The Middle, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, Community and What Not to Wear.

  2. Well this is embarrassing, but I’ve only seen the Middle on your list. I love it. I’m addicted to the Middle and Modern Family right now.

    1. That’s okay! I love both of those shows. So funny!

  3. I feel left out: I don’t watch any of these shows. My friend recently gave me Sherlock Holmes on a USB. Maybe I’ll watch it!

  4. I must say, I find the bbc Sherlock rather lovely. First dramaticised depiction on screen I enjoy. I have long loved the books most ardently, as well.

    I have been meaning to check out History Detectives. Do not know of any of these others you mentioned. Might have to sniff them out sometime.

    My ultimate favourite show will have to be PBS Nature. Watched since birth XD.

    Cheers to you,

    -Autumn Jade

    1. Yes I love Sherlock Holmes- both versions. History Detectives is well wort it if you like history! Oh nice. I haven’t heard of it, but I will be sure to look it up!

      1. I do love history, indeed. Thank you for the recommend. I am sure I will enjoy it most immensely. Most stupendous!

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