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Sunlight Through the Clouds




Sunset Through the Mist


Smoky Sunset


My Top Five Favorite Television Shows

1. Doctor Who- I just started watching Doctor Who this past year, so I really love the Eleventh Doctor especially. This show is so engaging!
2. Sherlock- I really like the books, and this modern take on the mysteries is very relatable, while including suspenseful story lines.
3. Craft Wars- This show is sort of silly, but I really like craft and do it yourself projects, so watching these extreme projects be built appeals to me.
4. History Detectives- In this show they find people with artifacts from history that may be real and find out if they are or not. I really enjoy learning about history in a creative way!
5. The Middle- This comedy show is completely hilarious and one of the most realistic sitcoms I have ever seen.









Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated for this award by Painted By The Sun. She is the most inspiring photographer! She uses her iPhone to edit the photos into beautiful things. Go check out her blog.

10 Things About Me:

I have two dogs named Jack and Romeo and a cat named Spock.
I love to read!
I like to bake and cook.
My two favorite television shows are Doctor Who and Sherlock.
My favorite color is peach.
The Beatles are my favorite band.
I really enjoy traveling, but I am too busy to do a lot of it.
I like to do scrapbooking and DIY projects.
I am a night owl and I stay up until midnight or later each night.
It was only this year that I discovered my love for photography!

Blogs That Bring Me Sunshine:

The Railways
Writing Your Destiny
Photography and life
Focused Moments
From Russia with Love
Elegant Moments
Cristian Mihai
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Under the full-moon
Thank you so much for nominating me for this award!