The Top Ten Books I Would Want Made Into Movies

  1. The Running Dream-This is a novel about a runner, Jessica, who loses her leg in a car accident. She learns to work through the pain and struggle to achieve her dream to run again. It could give Soul Surfer a run for its money as a movie.
  2. The Flavia de Luce Series-These compelling and witty mysteries follow eleven year old Flavia through the twists and turns of complicated schemes.
  3. The Penderwicks Series- These books embody the feeling of family and closeness for me, and the first novel would be a great summer blockbuster.
  4. Revolution is Not a Dinner Party- This book describes the later years of Chairman Mao’s power in the point of view of a young girl named Ling. As a movie it would bring up important Chinese history as well as being inspiring.
  5. Little Women and Me- This story is about a girl who gets sucked into the book Little Women and becomes a sister. I think this would be an interesting contrast between centuries.
  6. Anne Frank Remembered- This book shows the other side of the   Anne Frank’s story-the story of Miep Gies, the woman who helped them in hiding. This movie would show another side to the well known Holocaust books and movies.
  7. Magic in Manhattan Series- These flirty and fun books would make great chick flicks.
  8. Forgive My Fins- This great tale of a mermaid princess has an enthralling storyline as well as opportunities for awesome sets.
  9. Heist Society- A thrilling tale that would make a good action movie with an intriguing plot.
  10. Love Inc.- A lovely book with a fresh take on romance that would be refreshing for movie theaters everywhere.

8 responses

  1. Wow…I haven’t read any of these. They all sound interesting, especially the first one.

  2. Wow, neither have I. They all sound super interesting, and I would love to read the books. I am not much of a movie person.

    1. Thanks! I love your reviews. What would you pick for this list?

  3. i love, love, love Anne Frank remembered…

  4. I love to read, and have never read any of these either. Are you a history buff? It sounds like it from your list.

    1. Yes I guess I could be called that. I am obsessed with WWII and like to read about it. Are you?

      1. I am, but I’m a history consultant, so I get interested in a period and start reading, then another, or get interested because someone recommended a book. I though you might like to compile your favorite history book blurbs and let me post them in another site I have for history teachers as well as on my site.

      2. So blurbs as in history books I have read? I would love to!

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