Book Review: This Must Be Love

This hilarious and sweet novel is a modern twist on an old Shakespeare classic. It is told in all forms of communication, from notes to emails to diary entries. This way of telling a story is truly unique.Even if the story is basically the same, the author Tui T. Sutherland has developed the characters somewhat and made them seem more lifelike.

The plot is essentially Midsummer Night’s Dream, but with a few changes that make the book make sense in our modern eyes. Hermia and Helena are two juniors in high school who are opposites, yet the best of friends. Hermia is effervescent and loves to act. She is a very talented actress, but is short with curly brown hair, and is never granted the leading role by her typecasting drama teacher. This is always given to her graceful and poetic friend, Helena. But Helena knows that Hermia deserves the parts much more, and the girls remain inseparable. They both try out for Romeo and Juliet, but the drama director posts an unexpected cast list, and neither gets in due to special… criteria. Both girls feel that they are in love, although they fear it is unrequited. But in one whirlwind midsummer night, everything gets mixed up and changes. I would definitly recommend this book for people interested in humor, Shakespeare, and of course love!

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