Preppy Little Me

If you haven’t noticed, my style is vintage and preppy loving. On any given day you can probably find me wearing a skirt and sweater, although sometimes I switch the skirt for skinny jeans. I grab any opportunity to wear a dress, and Oxford shoes are no strangers to my feet. I love being fun and funky, and I know that everyone has their own personal style, but I just wanted to share mine with you!
So I will show a peek at my wardrobe with the pictures I include.

I believe that your style should definitely reflect your personality. If you are a rocker, a hippie, or a girlie-girl, show it! You should exude loveliness from the inside out. I carry my love of vintage from clothes to music, movies, and school(my favorite subject has always been history). My music loves include Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles(of course), and The Beach Boys. The movies I adore are Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady, and The Sound of Music(I know, mostly Julie Andrews). I would love to hear about your loves and style(put them in comments)!








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  1. Playful Meanderings | Reply

    Isn’t it fantastic that we can portray our personalities and inside feelings through thoughtful use of our wardrobes and musical choices? I love your writing style and your own descriptions of your personality. You always brighten my day, Amazing Azaleas!

  2. I love stripes, rose gold, reiss brand clothing, linen and bucks on a date.. For music I love ragtime, glee versions of popular songs, Mumford and Sons and Aaron Copeland. I love to drive with good music on a playlist. I used to have a convertible. Sometimes when I drove with the top down a good song on, I looked above me and saw a formation of geese and that was about perfect. I like a flock of starlings and I like a vast silence. I love the word and color indigo.

    1. Wow! Your interests are great! Thanks for sharing, I like getting to know you.

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