I love to skate! Early this morning I woke up and realized it was the weekend! I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I pulled myself out of bed and put on some upbeat music as I dressed myself in my favorite blue skirt and patterned black tights. When I realized it was about twenty degrees outside, I added my hip striped sweater. Finally, I put on my special sky blue skates. Rollerblades, that is. I tried to get my sister to come outside with me, but she wouldn’t budge.

Before I knew it, I was racing around my street, feeling the wind in my hair. The biting cold didn’t bother me as I felt my heart race! I skated for a long while, thinking about what a great start to the day this was. I weaved around the sidewalk and twirled around the trees. There is nothing like getting up to do something productive to get you in a good mood!

Do you like to exercise? Or do something else to get going, like drawing or cooking? Whatever it is, get going! Best Wishes!!!






2 responses

  1. I luv skating too!!!!

  2. Playful Meanderings | Reply

    You are inspiring me to get going! I took a walk with a friend on Saturday in the fresh air. We took our dogs and walked along a river. So good to get the blood circulating!

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