Obsession: The Beatles

I truly fell in love with the Beatles only a little more than a year ago. My family and I had been talking about them at the dinner table, and afterwards we watched YouTube videos featuring their concerts with all of the screaming girls. I longed to be one of them. Then we watched their first appearances on TV shows. The fact that these videos were in black and white made them even more charming.

So the obsession set in. I begged my dad to fill my iPod with Beatle music-and soon was not soon enough! I could be found humming their songs wherever I went and used my uncle’s Christmas gift to me-an Amazon gift card-to buy a set of 24 mini Beatles pin badges.
Soon I began accumulating more Beatles memorabilia; Beatles blanket, With the Beatles poster(my favorite album), Beatles concert poster tee, Abbey Road notebook, and much more! Have you ever heard the term Beatlemania? Because I’m pretty sure that I have it.
Not that that is a bad thing. The love of the boys from Liverpool is in my blood. My dad has almost all of their records, and what he doesn’t have physically he has digitally. Both my Aunt Kim and Aunt Patty have seen them in concert! At Thanksgiving, after having the traditional dinner, we played Beatles Rockband. How crazy fun is that?
Now, all of my friends think of me as “The Beatles Girl”. And I honestly don’t mind! I mean, I know everyone has different music tastes, but who wouldn’t love the Beatles? They’re classic!





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  1. Playful Meanderings | Reply

    It is so nice to relive the music through you! You are sure to have a life-long friend in the Beatles. They will be with you wherever you go.

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