The New Year: 1-1-12

Happy New Year! Today I had one more half day in Cayucos, then we journeyed on to Monterey. First my whole family traversed down to the pier to see the Polar Bear Dip! It was so wonderfully warm forgot too, so I decided to wear a coral striped tank top with a braided halter style collar and a white skirt that had different shades of pink flowers all over it. The arctic endeavor has been going on for 31 years! People of all ages dress up in costumes and dive in! About 10,000 people participate, and the rules are:
1. No wetsuits.
2. You have to come out completely wet to get a certificate.
3. Have fun!
I saw costumes such as the Easter Bunny, Santa, Chinese new year dragon, fire truck, sock monkeys, and fairies. Plus a whole lot more! Then they began the costume contest. They had several categories.
Most Funny: Rugrat Triplets
Most Creative: Jellyfish
Youngest Dipper: 2 1/2
Oldest Dipper: 87
It looked so cool, all of them jumping in at once!
Next year I might even participate because it looked so fun! After that we had to get going though, and I was sad to leave! But we had to say goodbye and got on our way. We had decided to take our time and see the sights on our way to Monterey.
So we stopped about an hour up the road to see the elephant seals! They reminded me of giant lethargic slugs, sunbathing in the sand. They didn’t move very often, and you almost thought they were dead until they raised a flipper or snort. When they walked around it looked like they were doing the worm because of their lack of legs and surplus of blubbery flesh! The noise they make has been described as bubbling water, loud croaking frog, or burping. These sea creatures are more than a little funny!
As we drove along Highway 1, or Big Sur, it seemed as if humans hadn’t encroached upon the place at all, simply built a road so that people can pass through and enjoy the scenery. Although the twists and turns had my stomach churning for a while, I decided to just enjoy the sea and mountains that were on either side of me and the perfect weather. I enjoyed the journey, not just the destination.




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