Travel Diary: Cayucos CA

I have traveled to Cayucos, a cute seaside town, for my cousin’s wedding. So far it has been lovely! We have a few days to spare before the wedding, so we decided to have a little fun! On Friday my mom and I started out the day with a walk on the beach. How I love feeling the sand between my toes… Some pleasures just as nice were the fresh sea air and the beautiful views! I tried to dress playful and fun for the occasion, wearing shocking red jeans and a screen printed red, white, and blue Beatles poster tee. I was rewarded with admiring glances as we walked up the pier.
After that we stopped at the hotel to pick up my sister, we trouped up to the famous Hearst Castle! This lovely historical landmark went under construction in 1919. It was built upon for 28 years, but never finished because of its massive size and beautiful intricacy. As we began our tour, everywhere I looked there was magnificent art, architecture, views, you name it. Although it was never finished, as soon as the estate was semi-finished, Mr. Hearst began to invite guests. You could stay for as long as you wanted, but only if you played nice! All sorts of celebrities came to visit, and if a politician was endorsed by Mr. Hearst, you could pretty much say that they would be the candidate for their party in the final election. As I strolled along the formal gardens and admired the statues from every culture imaginable, I thought about the guests that stayed here. They must have been either influential, interesting, or rich. Or all three! Mr. Hearst didn’t care for unmotivated or unenlightened people. He thought that they were a waste and lazy, which wasn’t true because they were poor and no one would give them a job. Mr. Hearst would never understand that because his parents were already rich when he was born. Sure, he worked hard because he directed newspapers for a living, but if he wasn’t rich he couldn’t have bought the newspapers anyway.
Even though for some purposes I disliked Mr. Hearst’s beliefs, I was in awe of his architecture and interior design. His mother had collected art, and it adorns the walls wherever you look, as Mr. Hearst carried on her tradition. There were many Christian artifacts, although Hearst didn’t try to dictate anyone’s religion. Also, many of the walls were painted with intricate murals. Some were commissioned, but some were antiques from over 500 years ago. They used the latter by taking whole WALLS out of ancient buildings. And don’t think that this was like a hotel. Each room was unique, and Hearst thought of every situation; single male, single female, and couple.
This personalized Mediterranean masterpiece of a mansion is a must see, and I hope many, many generations to come get to see it and fall in love with it. It truly is the “Enchanted Hill”.

The wedding was great. It was in the neighboring town of Cambria, and was very sweet. The couple looked truly in love, and I wish them the best of luck in marriage. I wore a pretty peach vintage looking dress with a little peach rose on the waistband. I wore it with a long yellow cardigan sweater that my family said was “striking”. I will include a picture of my hair, which we modeled after the hairstyles on Downton Abbey(a lovely television show set in the turn of the century).
After the wedding was over at about two, we decided to look around the shops in Cambria. I first got a marble with great sentimental value because I had gotten marbles at the same shop in second grade. Then we went to an adorable labyrinth of an antique shop where I got a completely cashmere sweater for only twelve dollars! What a steal! It has mid-length sleeves and is a beautiful shade of emerald. I paired it with my plaid tweed skirt and it goes perfectly! I also got a stunning pink sparkly brooch in the shape of a flower.
While celebrating New Year’s Eve with all of the family, I found out that my “long lost” cousin Mia is a fabulous artist, especially with drawing. She even has her own channel on YouTube with animations that she makes! Here is the link:











5 responses

  1. Butter you should be a fashion columnist. I love your descriptions of your outfits and hairstyles! Keep on writing!

  2. I am so glad that you enjoyed your stay on the central coast and it was a wonderful to see the family together for such a great celebration. All our best!!! Love, Cousin Jer’Ray
    You are such a wonderful writer. I loved reading about how much you enjoyed Hearst Castle, Cayucos, sharing time with our family and Chris & Melissa’s Wedding. Yes they are truly in LOVE. Of course your fashion since was perfect. Hope we get to spend more time together in the New Year……………. Love Aunt Lauren

  3. Always enjoy seeing my lovely and talented nieces. Nice to have the family get together on this occasions and hopefully it won’t be long before the next opportunity presents itself for a gathering of the clan……..Love Uncle Glenn.

  4. I loved a trip from your point of view. You are a good writer and have a lovely perspective.

  5. Thanks for visiting my site again. I love your hair. I enjoy going to both Cambria and Cayucos, and I have visited the Hearst Castle several times. It’s expensive even to visit. Glad you had a good time. Keep up the good writing.

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