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There is a fun app that I discovered for my iPhone the other day. It is called Audiobooks and on this app you can get books now in the public domain for free. They are read by volunteer readers, so it is almost like a charity to support reading! It is great for car trips, or anytime you don’t have a physical book handy. Plus you can find books you would probably never find in a book store. So get this free app, and happy reading!

Hello Kitty

I love Hello Kitty! She is so adorable! Did you know that she has been around since the seventies? In Japan she originated in 1974 on a vinyl purse, and introduced it to America two years later. Hello Kitty is a staple in the segment of harajuku called kawaii. This style is focused on being cutesy, so it’s a perfect fit for the adorable cartoon
cat. The simple design that she was first made from has been elaborated on infinite times. Sanrio’s other characters are just as cute, like my Melody! Some say that she is babyish, but I think Hello Kitty is timeless!








Holiday Traditions

The holiday season always gives me a warm, happy feeling inside. Everything seems so festive and dressed up! I think the holidays are all about tradition. My family has a tradition where my mom or dad hides a pickle ornament on the tree, and whoever finds it first gets to open the first present! Apparently it’s an old German custom. When my dad was a kid, his family opened all of their presents on Christmas Eve. In my mom’s family, they always would make French toast on Christmas morning, and we still do that in the present! My friend’s family always goes ice skating on Christmas afternoon. My family makes root beer floats on New Year’s Eve. Do YOU have special family traditions?

Harajuku Fashion

This is a style pioneered by the Japanese. There are even special streets in Tokyo where you are likely to find these men and especially women. I find this style of dress so interesting because it is all so complicated and beautiful. There are even different styles of this trend(Gothic Lolita, Ganguro, Cosplay, Visual kei,and Decora) ! When Americans found out about it(mostly because of pop star Gwen Stefani)they were intrigued! Why wouldn’t they be? Take a look!

6%DokiDoki in Harajuku

harajuku21 Japanese Harajuku Street Fashionstreet fashion in 640 01 Japanese Harajuku Street Fashion

Fashion Around the World!

The Secret Ingredient

This is sequel to The Teashop Girls, with all of the same characters. This time Annie Green is locked in a scone competition where she has to create a blog (so it is close to my heart) and if she gets in the top five of most subscribers by the deadline, she gets to move on and compete with her original scone. Duchess Teas is giving an all-expense paid trip to London! Annie is very motivated-after all, London is the tea capital of the world. Her friend Zoe and Genna are just as thrilled with the opportunity to go to London. It is an adventure packed summer filled with excitement and a wayward romance between Annie and her “nemesis” Zach. If you enjoyed The Teashop Girls, you will love this novel!

Genre Poll

The Agency: A Spy in the House

A Spy in the House is set in Victorian England and follows Mary Quinn through a mind boggling mystery. Mary was saved from death in the gallows at a young age by Anne Treleavan, the headmistress of Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls, and learned there until she came to her two headmistresses to tell them she was capable of more. They happily welcomed her to the Agency, an investigative agency that used the underestimation of women in that period to engage in clandestine services. Mary sets out to solve a mystery involving the alleged embezzlement and artifact smuggling by a wealthy merchant. She becomes a paid companion to his daughter, and while she struggles to solve the case, drama comes along. Between a confused relationship with James Easton, a secret romance, and old family secrets uncovered, it promises to be an excitement filled story. Will Mary Quinn solve this mystery? Find out in A Spy in the House!

The Teashop Girls

The Teashop Girls is a wonderfully charming novel about the misadventures Annie Green goes through as she tries to save her grandmothers teashop. Annie and her two best friends, Genna and Zoe, try their best, but it becomes difficult to find new ways to compete with the trendy chain coffee shop across the street. This is a story of true friendship, innovation, and most important, tea! The book is interspersed with vintage tea ads, recipes, and tea themed spa treatments (they work, I’ve tried them). This marvelous book has both funny and emotional moments, all leading up to a surprising ending! I would definitely recommend it

Hello world!

Hey, this is me new blog where I will write about books, fashion, and whatever else. I hope you enjoy!